Known as Loft, the store started as Ann Taylor Loft in 1996, an extension of the famous women’s clothing brand Ann Taylor. While Loft still focuses on mixed looks for home and work, it has traditionally offered more flexible and laid-back options than its more formal predecessor. There are over 500 lofts located in suburban malls, malls, and independent stores across the country.Loft-Credit-Card With 166 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, LOFT Outlet opened its first store in 2008. Ann Taylor Factory was founded in 1993 and had 126 stores. Both stores have gained a respectable reputation as stores that offer clothing and accessories that feel current but still appropriate for the season and occasion. It’s not uncommon to own a piece from any store and wear it season after season.

A reasonably standard loyalty card compared to others offered by similar department stores, the Loft Love credit card is mainly identical to the Ann Taylor credit card, with the Loft itself a subsidiary of Ann Taylor. Comenity Bank issues the Loft Credit Card, and Comenity has standard dispute resolution procedures if you have a problem with your card or a transaction.Loft-Credit-Card-Shopping-Store

The Loft offers women’s clothing, accessories, footwear, and related products, including plus, petite, and maternity sizes. It has its funding cards: the Loft All Rewards Credit Card and the Loft All Rewards Mastercard. The LOFT All Rewards credit card is a customer card, and the LOFT Mastercard also enables customers to pay wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Since a typical Loft top can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 and the average dress is over $70, many loyal Loft shoppers are likely looking for ways to save on their casual attire. The Love Loft credit card allows cardholders to earn reward points with every Loft purchase, but like most loyalty cards, it’s a poor way to shop unless you can’t pay immediately.